Backwater Cruises

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    House Boat

    Cruise around the backwaters in a majestic houseboat ,with bedrooms and kitchen ,enjoying the backwater life and environment.You can choose from day trip and overnight cruises.

    Houseboats typically serve onboard and also park for lunch by riverside local restaurants.

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    Perhaps you dont want to be tied down by checking into a houseboat ten your option is to choose a chikara ride. These are smaller versions with only sitting and no food but sure can take you around smaller canals and inside villages . These are typically available on hourly basis.

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    Canoe rides are also popular for its slow pace (being unmotorised) and can access even smaller canals and inside rivulets where bigger, motorised can not go. Traditionally, these are used as personal transport around the backwaters and kuttanad region.

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    If you choose to paddle yourself around the river system then you might want to opt for kayaking. Available on rent and a security deposit , you can hire one to DIY.